About Rafael


Hello everyone and welcome to the website ‘inteligentian.com’.  Computer programming is a passion that I have had for years and I have exercised for a long time.  Now at this moment I think I have reached the point where I have accumulated years of experience writing code in different programming languages ​​such as Java, RPG, Cobol, JavaScript, etc.
I started to program computers when I was studying at the University of Puerto Rico.  After graduating I started working in commercial programming.  I worked a few years in Puerto Rico and then I moved to the United States.  In the United States I did very well and managed to work with very good companies. Over the years I returned to Puerto Rico and now reside in Caguas Puerto Rico.

Why ‘inteligentian.com’

Like every human being, the time comes when one thinks of helping other people.  I believe that with my knowledge acquired over the years I can provide help and training in the form of written articles and videos.  I will strive to make videos and simple articles that help other people improve their computer programming skills.

Goal of ‘inteligentian.com’

The goal of this website is to provide knowledge and skills for people interested in web development and computer programming, particularly in the area of ​​development using languages ​​such as Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML.  We will also cover technologies such as NodeJS, WordPress, Microsoft DotNet.
With best wishes,

Rafael Angel Cruz


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