Eclipse IDE Download for Java – Getting and Excellent Tool To Work With

In this article, we will talk about what is an IDE, what is a workspace, Eclipse Foundation, and its product called Eclipse. We will also view a video that explains the process of an Eclipse IDE Download for Java programming.

Video – Eclipse IDE Download for Java

What is an IDE – Integrated Development Environment

If you are going to write a computer program, and you do not want to spend a long time working on it, you need an IDE. An IDE saves a lot of time to the programmer. The IDE enables you as a programmer to consolidate many different aspects related to program coding. An IDE is a single application program that combines functions such as editing source code, compiling source code, debugging programs, building executables, and many more functions. In this article, we are presenting Eclipse IDE to you.

What is Eclipse – Free of cost and full of features

Eclipse is an integrated development environment that can be used to write code in many different computer programming languages. Eclipse uses the concept of a workspace which is nothing more than a separate folder in your hard disk that will contain the computer programs the user writes. Eclipse allows the programmer to use what are called plugins that are separate programs that you as the user can incorporate in the Eclipse environment to extend functionality. Eclipse was written in the Java language for the most part and is used most of the time to write Java applications. Eclipse can also be used to write code in other programming languages besides Java, just install the corresponding plugin for the particular language. Some of the languages you can use in Eclipse are Clojure, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C, C#, Cobol, and many more.

Eclipse Foundation – The providers of Eclipse

In January of 2004, the Eclipse Foundation was created. The Eclipse Foundation is independent and not-for-profit. It is a corporation that serves as a steward of the Eclipse community. Eclipse Foundation works as a vendor-neutral and open entity in regard to the Eclipse IDE.

There is what is called the Eclipse community that is composed of individual developers. The Foundation has a staff of full-time professionals that provide services to the community. The main services provided to the community are:

  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Ecosystem Development
  • Development Process
  • IT Infrastructure

By providing the services listed above the Eclipse Foundation makes sure that the Eclipse product is high quality and very robust product.

Java Standard Edition vs Java Enterprise Edition

Java Standard Edition is what is called the core Java platform for programming. Java SE contains all the basic libraries and APIs that are the fundamental components of the Java programming language. Libraries such as java.lang, java.math, java.util,, etc. are all included in the Java Standard Edition. Many people associate Java Standard Edition to the development of desktop applications in Java.
Java Enterprise Edition can be thought of as a superset or an extension of the Java Standard Edition. In the Java EE platform, you would be developing and running multi-tiered, large-scale, scalable, secure, and reliable network applications. Java Enterprise Edition is built on top of the Java Standard Edition, but it adds many more libraries that provide much more functionality necessary to run applications in a network environment. Java EE provides for database access, remote method invocations, messaging, web services, and many more features. Many people associate Java Enterprise Edition to the development of web applications in Java.


We talked about IDEs, what is an IDE and discussed about Eclipse and its origins. We talked about the differences between the two main Java platforms, the Java Standard Edition Platform and the Java Enterprise Edition Platform. We cover information on what is a workspace and is uses in Eclipse. And we included as part of the article a video explaining how to download Eclipse from the internet.

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